For Margaret Island, we can say that Budapest is the island of escape from the city, right in the middle of the Danube River that separates Buda and Pest. The island, which is two and a half kilometers long and 500 meters wide, is an ideal place to relax, do sports and have fun with children. There are many options for evaluating the day, such as historical ruins from the Middle Ages, water parks and pools full of various attractions, resting and picnic areas, cycling and jogging tracks, and a spa area. Walk It takes 20 minutes to step across the island. Of course, this period is even shorter for sports fans. There is a special 5.35 km running track on the island. Swimming Pools For those looking for fun, there is a wide variety of activities on the island. In summer, most of them spend time in open-air pools called Hajós Alfréd and Palatinus. Especially the Palatinus water park is the most popular place on weekends. In this large water park, there are 11 outdoor pools, 2 of which are